“We ask God to give
you complete
knowledge of his will
and to give you spiritual
wisdom and
understanding. Then
the way you live will
always honor and
please the Lord, and
your lives will produce
every kind of good fruit.
All the while, you will
grow as you learn to
know God better and
– Colossians 1:9-10
What is My Purpose? Why am I Here?

You're not likely to be happy, or successful, or of value to anyone if you don't even know why you are here. You
sense that you have a purpose bigger than what you are living but don't know what it is or how to find it. You're
living day to day feeling like you are just wasting your life in pointlessness. It's downright depressing, isn't it?

Let's change that today.

In this course, we go deep into who you are in God's eyes so your purpose will be clear to you. This isn't the same
old help-you-find-your-ideal-career message. Your purpose may have absolutely nothing to do with your career, or
everything to do with it. Once you understand what God expects from you, your purpose will smack you in the face!
Spoiler Alert: Your true purpose will probably surprise you.

Aren't you ready to commit to a more purposeful life? Commit to five (5) one hour classes for the next 5 weeks and
see what happens. People will get set free from sickness, pain, depression, bad relationships, unhealthy habits
and poverty. Pour 100% into this and it will happen for you too.

Five (5) weeks of teachings
July 17, 2015 through August 14, 2015  
Fridays @ 1:00 PM (ET) / Noon (CT) / 11:00 AM (MT) / 10:00 AM (PT)

Cost per person: $199

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