Be Fruitful Farms
In partnership with Be Fruitful Alliance
Be Fruitful Farms provides low-income inner-city residents
with a source of farm-fresh, organically grown fruits and
vegetables. We do this with volunteers who pick up and deliver
food grown at local area farms. We use the money you donate to
compensate our farm partners and to pay for fuel for our
volunteers. We cut out the middle man to make the food available
to those who may not have access to fresh foods.

It is shocking how many low-income, inner city neighborhoods
have no source for fresh fruits and vegetables (i.e., proper grocery
stores). These families  suffer from chronic health conditions as a
result of what amounts to food scarcity. Obesity, diabetes, heart
disease and high blood pressure are rampant. Children need the
vitamins and minerals fresh foods provide to develop properly.
Healthcare officials now believe higher rates of asthma in these
neighborhoods are a direct result of diets high in processed foods,
fat and sugar. Imagine not being able to breathe because you can’t
access fresh foods. We support a network of local farmers by
providing the means to deliver their fresh produce to a nutrient
starved population.

We need your support to buy fuel and to pay farmers. Our long-
term goal is to have our own fleet of delivery vehicles and to have
refrigeration equipment to expand our reach nationwide. Our goal
is to raise $25,000 to get started.

Won’t you become a partner with Be Fruitful Farms by buying a
SQUARED Share today? Each $30 SQUARED Share provides one
person with fresh food for a month. Buy 12 ($360) and you feed
one person for a year.

Please check back frequently, or add your name to our email list,
so we can keep you up-to-date on what is happening and when
volunteer opportunities arise with our member farms or special
events. We can’t keep the cost low without volunteers to help
with administrative tasks and as delivery drivers.  

To add your name to the email list,
click here.
Jesus said:

"What you do for least of these, you do for me."

"Feed the widows and orphans, and I will bless you."

"Give and it will be given unto you, pressed down
overflowing and running over."

"Suffer the little children for they ..."

Just as God shared His only son (Jesus) with us, we
want to share His love by feeding needy people. For
this reason we call your love gift a SQUARED SHARE.
Your share times someone else's share equals a
share squared. The combined support of many
exponentially multiples the number of people we can
Feed a hungry family
with a SQUARED Share
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