“If you’re not having
fun, you’re not
worshipping the right
– Todd White
“The key isn’t made in
the image of other keys.
It’s made in the image
of the lock it opens.
You were given a set of
keys that only open
your doors.”
– Mark Chironna
What We Do

The simple answer is we do life coaching. The complex answer is that you can be your own life coach with the
proper tools. We teach you how to use the tools you already have in the Bible.

Most people struggle with finding fulfillment in their lives, health, relationships and work. You may wonder why
you're here or what your purpose is. Or even if God really cares about you.

We use biblical principles to teach you how to live in a world that seems hell-bent on stealing your joy and taking
away the things God destined for your life. When you struggle with paying your bills, sickness, obesity or mental
illness, it's hard to think about much else, which is why we offer help in these areas too.

We help you identify things in your life preventing you from moving into your greater purpose. You will learn how
to apply God's will to clarify your life's true mission.

We focus on delivering you from things holding you in bondage, including sickness, emotional problems, and
misconceptions you may be operating under about who you are, who God is and how God operates in your life.

Our motto is:
Where Purpose Produces Fruit

So What Does it Mean to Be Fruitful?

Very simply, to be fruitful means to produce fruit. Fruit is the outward manifestation of a tree that is well taken
care of and has everything it needs to be what it is - a fruit tree, instead of a penguin.

But it is not enough to just produce any old fruit. A fruit tree not well-tended produces distasteful fruit that even
birds and squirrels won’t eat! People can be toxic too.

To produce good fruit, you need good soil, water, fertilizer and lots of sunshine. But you also need to cut off
branches interfering with the most productive branches. This is called pruning. Too many branches literally
prevent a tree from thriving.

Pruning may seem counterintuitive. As you will cut off healthy branches, the tree will look barren and nearly dead.
But in season, a well-pruned fruit tree is full of leaves, life and abundant fruit. The real health of a tree is below
the surface, at the roots. Pruning unnecessary branches gives more life-giving nutrients to the roots. Without
healthy roots, a tree will fall over and die.

People need to be pruned too. And, just like trees, our roots (foundations) need to be deep in order to support
the weight of abundant fruit. Most people resist being “pruned.” It can be painful. We don’t like to change.
Change is necessary for growth.

We need to remove things that interfere with our purpose. The most obvious interference comes from old habits,
ingrained patterns of behavior, erroneous thought processes and physical limitations (money, location, health,
family, transportation, and mobility). Less obvious things also block our ability to bring forth good fruit, and often
include our understanding (or misunderstanding) of God.

Jesus said he came to give us life and to give it more abundantly, but very few of us are anywhere close to
having the abundant life God planned for us. We limit ourselves to what we see, touch, hear, taste and feel. We
literally need to add another dimension to understand God’s definition of abundance.

How Can Be Fruitful Alliance Help?

Be Fruitful Alliance provides Christian-based, one-on-one coaching and group coaching, as well as personal
development seminars for people who want to bring more spiritual, emotional, physical and monetary prosperity
into their lives.

Everything you need to find purpose is found in the Bible, we just show you how to put the words into action.

Jesus said, "You have not because you ask not." Maybe it's time to ask for help!  

Our Not for Profit Help

We change lives for the better through a variety of different means, both with free and fee-based services. Our
fee-based services help fund our free services to help homeless and low-income people to remove obstacles
(poverty) to their purpose.

The single best thing you can do to help us accomplish our mission is to:

  • donate so we can train low-income people to find their purpose too
  • donate to let us know you believe in our overall mission
  • donate to keep the content on this site free for those who can't afford it but need it
  • donate because it's costly to maintain the site and it takes time to create quality content
  • donate a SQUARED Share to feed a poor family or individual while we teach them the keys to prosperity
  • pray for us and the people we help that we may all live and move in our God given purpose


If you don't know Jesus, please meet him.
(I want to meet Jesus)

Please also check out our coaching, speaking and training services. The money we earn on our for-profit
services helps fund our free services.
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