Be Fruitful Alliance
Purpose produces fruit

Be Fruitful Alliance is a collective initiative whose mission is to help individuals produce more fruit – in their
career, home life, relationships and most importantly, with our Almighty God. This is accomplished by activating
each individual’s unique purpose ordained by God.

Purpose is what produces fruit. Purpose is found in only one way. You must pursue God with all your heart, soul
and mind. The primary way we assist an individual in finding and moving in their purpose is through training, life
coaching and group mentoring. Several companies make up the alliance, each has a unique focus designed to
teach individuals to move in their God given purpose and destiny.

Areas of Influence

Finding Your Purpose: The primary focus of the alliance is on identifying purpose. Without a clear path to
pursue, people flounder in life and find themselves marking time in their job, family life, church and

Healing and Deliverance: Another key focus area is healing and deliverance because without good physical and
emotional health it is difficult for someone to be used effectively by God, particularly in their area of purpose.

Encouraging Outbursts: Individuals sometimes find it difficult to stay engaged and excited in the business
world without a firm foundation in Jesus Christ. Encouraging Outbursts focuses on learning how apply biblical
principles to the workplace.

Be Fruitful Farms: Our indigent and homeless assistance focuses on things not ordinarily provided by service
organizations. We supply bras, underpants and socks to low-income men, women and children. We pay
expenses of financially struggling individuals to help them get work or keep it, such as, bus tokens and
babysitting. We call this our “farms” because future fruit will come from people we help today.


If you don't know Jesus, please meet him. (I want to meet Jesus)

Please check out our classes, articles, speakers, services , partner sites and blogs. The money we earn on our
for-profit services helps fund our free services.

Be a Blessing to Be Blessed!
Be Fruitful Alliance
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“We ask God to give
you complete
knowledge of his will
and to give you spiritual
wisdom and
understanding. Then
the way you live will
always honor and
please the Lord, and
your lives will produce
every kind of good fruit.
All the while, you will
grow as you learn to
know God better and
– Colossians 1:9-10
Purpose produces fruit